Hi, we're Welsh Technologies.

Our clients will tell you they're doing better because
we built them tools they love to use.

We'll tell you we have the data to prove it.

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building better tools

Improvement flows from a simple 3 step process:

Build. Measure. Learn.

More than technology, systems that optimize business success.

What if your business systems automated the achievement of your business goals? We love making tools that help businesses run better — almost as much as we like proving it.

  • Better tools are easier to use = User experience first
  • Better tools are more precise = Design for outputs
  • Better tools improve in increments = Develop with SCRUM
  • Better tools get smarter over time = Build on machine learning
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building tools people love

It takes a pinch of psychology & a dab of technology to create systems people love. Don't worry, we've got both.

doing better business

Goals don't produce results. Systems do.

Reaching further, helping more, breaking sales records, spending less.
Doesn't matter what your idea of "results" is — the right system will get you there.

Teams of all sorts work with us to implement smarter systems. They set lofty goals, then keep on track achieving them.

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a few ecstatic clients

British Airways
UNC Healthcare
British Airways
UNC Healthcare
Scott Health & Safety
Bank of America
Bristol Myers Squibb Health & Safety
Foster Wheeler

data driven roi

Innovative companies invest in innovative tools.

But to get a company to invest over and over again, those new tools have to prove their worth.

Add a little bit of simple math, and you can calculate the return on any technology investment. We sure do.

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