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Our Company

Longbow: Strategic Advantage The longbow was a tool developed by the Welsh to bring strategic advantage in battle. At Welsh Technologies, we use the phrase "Longbow Logic" for inspiration. It connects us to the primitive need for innovation and strategic advantage.

Longbow Logic is an idea. An idea about achieving strategic advantage. An idea that one-size-fits-all internal systems can't keep up with today's innovative landscape. That shrink wrapped software doesn't work for every business. That global scale Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms don't always support you.

Longbow Logic employes Agile and Scrum, but it doesn't stop there. It's about embracing Plan-Do-Check-Act to improve productivity and reduce errors. It's about employing Drum-Buffer-Rope to reduce inventory and improve on-time delivery.

Our aim is to bring Longbow Logic to you.

It's about time there's a better way to roll out tools and systems that empower your business to achieve it's goals — not just write them down on paper.

Microsoft Silver Partner

Welsh Technologies, Inc is a Microsoft Certified Partner. We've attained the Silver Application Development Partner level. As a small company, Silver is the top of the line.

Our Technical Skills
Time to present our geek credentials. (We put it off as long as we could.)
  • We're Silver Microsoft Partners.
  • We live and breathe .NET and SQL Server.
  • We prefer to write in C#. We've used VB since the 90's. Other languages find a home here, too.
  • We jumped into Angular 2+ and love using it with TypeScript. It's not for every project, though.
  • We can develop for the web as effectively as we build mobile and desktop applications.
  • We think working with Entity Framework is an absolute treat, but we’re happy to get our hands dirty and write a stored procedure, too.
  • We don't have a single failed project in over 17 years of doing this type of work.
Technical Skills

Our Approach

We use small to our advantage.

Quiver We have one level of account management. You will interact with the same team members for the duration of your project, greatly reducing operating costs and improving communication.

Our development teams are small, meaning we can easily adopt, train up on and implement the latest proven technologies — often months, or years, before our competitors. And when you come back to us to expand on your new toolset, we'll be here to take it to the next level. We've done it like this since 2004.

Our development team is seasoned, giving you nothing less than highly efficient senior level programmers responsible for building your new tools.

We believe the best way to enable your company to streamline and innovate is if we always do the same.

Our Process

Workflow Map

Step 1 »

Workflow Map & Assessment

If you don't know where you are, you'll never get where you're going.

Together, we'll create a workflow map, capturing the flow of data — where information passes from one person, department or system to the next. Our analysis uncovers omissions, redundancy, inefficiency and other bottlenecks that diminish profits.

Workflow Map

Step 2 »

Solution Focused Strategy

Using the assessment, we'll create a specification for a system that captures data, automates tasks, integrates your resources and provides company-wide visibility.

The strategy defines a path toward a more profitable company.

Workflow Map

Step 3 »

Development & Implementation

The tools described by the strategy above must still be developed, implemented and adopted. Built upon the proper foundation, your line of business applications can evolve and scale effortlessly. Built with user experience in mind, your applications will quickly replace the less effective tools in use today.

Workflow Map

Step 4 :)

Lifecycle Support

Enhancements to your system after implementation are commonplace. New functions and refinements to existing capabilities might be needed, and opportunities might arise to further streamline your business system. Welsh Technologies provides lifecycle support and maintenance services to address issues that result from actual system use.