Blue Baker

Blue Baker uses only quality ingredients and age-old techniques to craft award-winning breads, pizzas, sandwiches and more. No wonder they wanted equally awesome software to run the place.

There's an awesome café and bakery well known around Texas A&M.

Blue Baker, renowned for its commitment to serving healthy, nutritious food without compromising on taste, sought an internal system that would match their flexibility and perfectionism. The solution needed to align with their core values and support their mission of providing exceptional customer experiences. To meet these requirements, a tailored approach was implemented.

In 2014, the foundation was laid with the development of a modern e-commerce website that continues to serve as the central hub of Blue Baker's infrastructure. The website seamlessly integrates with their in-house point of sale system, Micros, facilitating the smooth flow of orders, coupons, and deliveries between the two systems.

Recognizing the importance of guest experience, an area for improvement was identified regarding order readiness communication. To address this, an innovative method was devised to accurately estimate the time it would take to build an order. Factors such as the existing order queue, staff count for the day, ingredient preparation time, and more were meticulously considered. This attention to detail ensured that customers were informed precisely when their order would be ready, enhancing satisfaction and reducing wait times.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Blue Baker swiftly adapted by transforming their gift cards into "Baker Bonds." This creative solution provided customers with an "investment opportunity" while allowing the restaurant to avoid staff layoffs during the slowdown. Simultaneously, Blue Baker leveraged its online presence and expanded its delivery menu to include groceries, enabling the business to continue operating at nearly full speed. The success of this strategy garnered attention, with The Dallas Morning News highlighting their innovative approach.

Building on the established partnership, future plans include the development of a group ordering and catering tool for the café. This tool will facilitate seamless coordination and enhance the ordering experience for larger groups. Additionally, an in-house kiosk is in the works to streamline the ordering process in the new touchless environment, ensuring convenience and efficiency for customers.

The collaborative relationship between Blue Baker and the development team has provided valuable insights into the nuances of the food service industry. The experience gained has sparked a continuous desire to improve customer experiences and boost sales for other local cafés, restaurants, and bakeries. This commitment to enhancing the industry as a whole reflects the dedication and passion both parties share.

In conclusion, the tailored internal system Welsh Technologies implemented (and continues to develop) for Blue Baker aligns with their values and empowers them to deliver exceptional customer experiences. From the modern e-commerce website and seamless integration with Micros to the innovative approach during challenging times, the collaboration continues to evolve and drive success. By wireframing new tools and exploring ways to enhance the customer journey, Blue Baker and our development team are committed to elevating the standards of the food service industry.