Custom Software / Web Solution Development

Most one-size-fits-all solutions don’t fit all. We can help you build one that fits you. We cover the full spectrum of web and software solution development.

Build What You Need

From public facing websites to internal applications, we cover the full spectrum of web and software development.

We've been building the web since the 1990's. We've brought brick and mortar companies online. We've moved ad agencies from traditional to digital. We've written code when you didn't have to worry about multiple browsers. (Internet Explorer had over 90% market share in 2004.) We've written code when you really had to worry about one in particular. (When Firefox, Safari and Chrome were following W3C standards, Internet Explorer wasn't. Curse you, IE6. Curse you.)

But through all that change, one thing remains consistent: our unwavering dedication to building things well.

Let's face it, data entry is a drag. And copying and pasting all day is boring. But, combine a great design and a highly useable interface with a ton of automation and your employees are sure to be whistling while they work.

Not into that kind of thing? Check out this tidbit from Forbes: one of the top 3 reasons a business fails is having No Business System.

We don't write code for computers... We develop custom systems for the people who have to use the stuff. And we know there's only one way to get their buy in: make it easier for them than the old way.

Our Process

We employ a four step system to ensure project success. First, we develop a workflow map, laying out the groundwork for how you do business. Second, we create a strategy to implement or develop the solutions we need to meet your goals. Third, we develop or implement the solutions from step 2. Finally, we create a plan for life cycle support.

What's Next?

Let us know about your current business process issues and we'll let you know how we can help.

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Blue Baker uses only quality ingredients and age-old techniques to craft award-winning breads, pizzas, sandwiches and more. No wonder they wanted equally awesome software to run the place.

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