Larry's Coffee

Larry's Coffee roasts some of the best coffee in the universe. The trouble was, Quick Books wasn't able to keep up with their desire for innovation and data metrics. Their team researched a few shrink-wrapped options but decided to opt for the full control that comes from building a custom solution.

Larry's Coffee roasts some of the best coffee in the universe.

Larry's Coffee, renowned for roasting some of the finest coffee in the universe, faced a challenge when their existing system fell short in keeping up with their drive for innovation and data metrics. The team at Larry's Coffee embarked on extensive research to explore alternatives and additions to QuickBooks, considering many of the existing shrink-wrapped solutions. However, they ultimately decided to embrace the advantages of building a custom solution, gaining complete control over their operations.

This custom solution, referred to as "Backstage" by Larry's Coffee, represents the epitome of a comprehensive behind-the-scenes dashboard. It empowers the team to monitor and monetize every decision made within the organization. With enterprise-grade capabilities, Backstage offers a diverse range of features and functionalities.

At its core, Backstage functions as a robust e-commerce site, providing a seamless shopping experience with numerous customization options. It caters to both wholesale and retail customers, offering subscriptions, personalized favorites, related product suggestions, coupons, and discounts. The platform ensures that every aspect of the shopping journey is optimized to meet the unique preferences of each customer.

In addition to the e-commerce capabilities, Backstage incorporates inventory and production management features. From generating purchase orders and receiving materials to the meticulous process of roasting beans and packaging coffee, each step is accurately tracked and documented. This data feeds the organic review and certification process, ensuring that the coffee produced by Larry's Coffee maintains its exceptional quality and standards.

The sales portal within Backstage serves as a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) and reporting suite. It empowers Larry's Coffee to have a 360-degree view of their sales activities and customer interactions, leaving no room for customers to slip through the cracks. The CRM capabilities allow the team to nurture relationships with their customers, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

While Backstage provides extensive functionality, Larry's Coffee recognized the importance of integrating with existing systems. Rather than reinventing the wheel, they seamlessly connected their data with QuickBooks Online, the affordable online version of Intuit's QuickBooks. This integration facilitates seamless financial activities, including end-of-month, quarter, and year activities, without the need for a high-cost accounting platform.

In conclusion, Backstage represents a fully customized solution that empowers Larry's Coffee to operate on their own terms. It streamlines their operations, ensuring efficient management of e-commerce, inventory, production, sales, customer relationships, and accounting. Having built this comprehensive tool, Larry's Coffee can work flexibly, whether it's at the Bean Plant, at home, or even at an organic farm in Guatemala, while maintaining their commitment to delivering exceptional coffee experiences to their customers.