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Hopefully you read our article on how not to use Excel. And you're no longer entering or storing data there.

Of course Excel has its place, just not as a data entry or storage tool.

Excel might be the most dangerous software on the planet.

Don't believe me, ask Tim Worstall. He did the research.

So for all of you one-trick-Excel-ponies, you're going to need a new trick. And that is making sure you have a proper system to validate your data input. It's also making sure you have a proper database to store your data for the long haul. With those pieces in place, creating slick & meaningful reports that help surface insight is a snap.

If developing real user interfaces isn't your cup of tea, that's quite alright. We can help you replace Excel with a proper web or desktop application that will have you meeting your goals in no time.

Real front-end applications

Real front-end applications

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