Musica Pristina high end audio driven by high tech development

There's an entire world of high end audio that exists outside of Bose® and BestBuy®.

Over the years, true audio enthusiasts have given up their vinyl and reel-to-reel and begun to embrace digital audio.

Everyone knows that wine, cigars, cars and watch brands span an astonishing range of quality. Same goes for high end audio.

Internet Of Things Development
Musica Pristina's power supply board.

Musica Pristina set out to build a line of digital audio gear that was not only an amazing sounding product, but one that was an absolute joy to use as well. To that end, we were brought in to write Linux kernel drivers to better optimize the use of memory and ultimely improve the sound.

Next, they wanted their configuration screens to be fun. So we developed a solution based on Angular 2+, Bootstrap and NodeJS. The UI is neat and clean. The performance is peppy. And cutomers have reported that it's a joy to use.

Additionally, the main audio board is responsible for controlling a clock board and a few other devices using I2C. We developed that communication code too.

Finally, they needed to implement the new industry standard for playback control. Roon Audio developed a protocol known as Roon Advanced Audio Transport (RAAT). We had Musica Pristina up and running on their platform in no time. In fact, they were one of the early adopters.

It doesn't matter if you need to control robots, pull values from sensors, or aggregate data from devices in the field, we've got your Internet of Things (IoT) needs covered.

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