Life Style Medical Centers better health through better data

Life Style Medical Centers works with their patients to create personalized plans that work.

Internet Of Things Development
Life Style Medical Centers.

To make those plans work even better, LMC needed better access to their data than they could get from their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. We worked with them to develop the Provider Portal to supplement their EMR, eClinicalWorks, and provide their team with access to the up-to-the-minute data they needed.

Each day, the providers at LMC review their patient's health data, progress and goals. We put a ton of info at their fingertips but present it in such a way that the highlights are always easy to find.

Becoming a patient at LMC is just as easy. Before they arrive, or while they sit in the waiting room, patients fill out a simple health survey on an iPad. None of those clipboards and ink pens and redundant questions for LMC.

Healthcare today is often a topic that divides people. But more accurate, more timely, more meaningful information leading to better outcomes... that's something everyone can agree on.

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