Larry's Coffee modern manufacturing driven by data

Larry's Coffee roasts some of the best coffee in the universe.

The trouble was, Quick Books wasn't able to keep up with their desire for innovation and data metrics.

Their team researched a few shrink-wrapped options but decided to opt for the full control that comes from building a custom solution.

Internet Of Things Development
Larry's Coffee locator map tool.

Backstage, as Larry called it, is the epitome of a behind-the-scenes dashboard, monitoring and monetizing each and every decision made by the folks at Larry's Coffee. The tool is a true enterprise grade solution.

First, it's an ecommerce site, with a ton of options for customizing the shopping experience. There's a wholesale view and a retail view, subscriptions, favorites, related products, coupons, discounts, you name it.

There's also inventory and production management, everything from writing POs and receiving materials to roasting beans and packaging coffee. Every step is tracked, and documented, ready for organic review and certification.

Did we mention the sales portal? A full CRM and reporting suite to keep tabs on sales, and customers, so nothing slips through the cracks. (What cracks?)

What about accounting? Glad you asked. No need to reinvent the wheel. Also, no need to step up to a high-dollar accounting platform. All the data is passed along to Quick Books Online (yes, the highly affordable online version of Intuit's Quick Books) for end of month, quarter and year financial activities.

There's more, but we think you get the point. We built a tool that let's Larry's work the way they want to: at the Bean Plant, at home, at some organic farm in Guatemala.

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